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Pets as you know provide companionship – one of the most obvious benefits for their PET PARENTS (as we would like to call them). Research done worldwide shows that the human companion-animal bond plays a considerable practical and psychological part in today’s high-pressure society. For those who have lived most of their life with pets, it's unimaginable to live without a pet at home.

They can become playmates and partners, with unique bonds being formed. They become an essential part of your life. In today’s high-pressure society, the presence of pets helps many of us cope with increasing stress and anxiety. Do not have to elaborate if you are already a PET PARENT.

At SaiAquraworld.com (as the name suggests), we have endeavored to make your bonding stronger by making available all those products that are essential for the good upbringing of your loved one. We go around the world meeting manufacturers, sourcing the best quality products, ethically sourced with maximum Natural ingredients. This way we ensure that our customers get the best product from across the globe at their doorstep with minimum hassles. Long ago, as pet lovers and pet parents we found ourselves searching for good quality regular supplies for our pets which were manufactured in various countries but due to low demand wasn’t supplied in India. Saiaquaworld thus has tied up with 50+ Brands from across the globe that specializes in Aquarium products & accessories with ready stock of over 10000 most essential products for your pet fish.

Our online pet store boasts a wide range of pet supplies for Tropical tanks, Planted tanks & Marine aquariums at a reasonable price. We have plans to increase this to 50000 products very soon only for Aquarium and then add on products for other pets as well like canines and birds. You can visit us regularly or subscribe to our newsletter by just giving us your email ID or Mobile number or like our FACEBOOK page to get regular updates. We will keep you posted about new developments. We understand that each pet or parent has his / her own choice and hence we would appreciate your feedback. You can write to
us at support@saiaquaworld.com in case you are having difficulty finding the product or details you are looking for. We do not have a facility for your to call us and talk to us currently, but soon plan to have one, but until then please excuse us. Do not attempt to call on the above number, you are sure to be disappointed. We DO NOT deal with livestock (live fish/turtles or plants.) So please excuse us for those queries.

Our team has an experience of over 30 years in this business as importers and wholesalers in India. Our expert team ensures that they stock products only after visiting the manufacturer's facility and a complete check on the quality of the product. We reinvent ourselves by introducing new concepts and products at periodic intervals. You must be amused by the pricing we offer on our site. The price of each product we sell is carefully arrived at by keeping all our costs low, thus passing on the maximum benefit to you as a customer. We do not incur unnecessary overheads by optimizing our operational efficiency. we can offer the lowest price. One way of doing this was by cutting or reducing the overheads like returns and refunds. The lesser returns we have, the better our pricing. A 5% or 10% price difference is money you save. Although we have an optional CoD feature for you, We encourage prepaid orders more because we know the value of money. We have made the cost to be split between our regular prepaid buyers and CoD customers, hence we have a flat rate structure against each shipment. When it comes to taking care of customers we leave no stone unturned. Most of our customers would have
experienced that and are testimony. We have hundreds of happy customers buying products daily from our site and their repeated purchase proves our efficiency.

We have a promise to make to you today. You will hear back from us within 6 hours of writing to us and we will make your requirements our PRIORITY.  We look forward to a great valued relationship. Thank you for visiting us.

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