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How Do I Take Good Care Of My Aquarium & Fish?

  • Feed & observe fish daily
  • Test water quality weekly
  • Change 25% water bi-weekly
  • Restore your ecosystem monthly

It’s Smart To Be Proactive!

The best way to keep your aquarium clean is to maintain good water quality. This will keep your fish strong and vibrant, as well as preventing disease.

How Do I Maintain A Healthy Environment?

It is important to test your aquarium water weekly to verify good quality in addition to a bi-weekly partial water change of no more than 25% to help reduce toxic buildup, remove debris the filter missed, and replenish the oxygen available to fish.


Feed Your Fish Daily:

Feed your fish twice daily with API Fish Food which contains nutritionally enhanced proteins, allowing for easy uptake of nutrients and maximum absorption, resulting in less excrement for clear, clean water. Only give the amount of food fish can eat in 2 to 3 minutes depending on the species. Some fish such as bottom feeders and algae eaters will need up to 30 minutes to 2 hours.

API Master Test Kit API Stress Zyme API Algaefix API Stress Coat API Quick Start Melafix
Use Weekly Helps monitor water quality Keeps aquarium & gravel clean Keeps aquarium & gravel clean
Use Every 2 Weeks Makes tap water safe when changing water Restores the ecosystem to help prevent fish stress
Use Monthly Restores the ecosystem to help prevent fish stress
Use When Adding New Fish Prevents disease breakout

Making A Better Underwater World

At API, we understand the rewards and relaxation of fishkeeping because we have a passion for fish too. For over 50 years API has developed premium solutions with proven and effective results for your family and ours. API offers a range of testing kits, water conditioners, and nutritionally superior food, because we’re dedicated to making a better underwater world.

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