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Aquatic remedies chlorine test kit 50 tests for freshwater, aquatic plant, saltwater, reef aquariums and ponds. Features – chlorine has a strong reactivity, in order to prevent its depletion, often adding an excess of chlorine in tap water, called “chlorine. ” But chlorine is toxic when concentrations exceed 0. 02Ppm, namely fish mucous membranes strong corrosive effect, more than 0. 1Ppm, aquatic organisms that cause deadly threat. In addition, some chlorine disinfectant aquarium, there will be residual chlorine problem, so how to reduce residual chlorine threat to aquatic organisms, in addition to the work of dechlorination, the detection of chlorine content is also indispensable. Directions for use – 1. Test cylinder wash before use to ensure that the cylinder is not the first test of contaminated residues. After cleaning, put 20ml to test the water. 2. Add 8 drops of the 1st test reagent and a spoonful no. 2 Test powder, rocked to its dissolution. 3. Place it on the white paper, viewed from above coloration state, contrasting colour chart to read the values.

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