Mineral and Calcium for Healthy Bird Healthcare (Combo)


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  • Bird Nutrition: Wild birds breed when the food quality is best for rearing chicks successfully. Mimicking wild diets can improve the breeding results for your birds.
    Good nutrition for successful breeding is very important.
  • Ultra Feather: Is necessary for healthy brain function,skin and hair growth,bone density,energy production and reproductive health. Increase fat burning to help with weight loss and generates brain myelin. Zinc is naturally occurring mineral.zinc is important for growth and for the development and health of body tissues.
  • Cal Care: For healthy skeletal structure. Allowing the muscular and nervous systems to function properly.
    Calcium needed in large quantities for egg production, is a critical mineral nutrient for reproductively active female birds.
    Calcium intake in order to produce viable eggs.
    Growing chicks also require extra calcium.
  • VitaBoost & Immuboost: Nowhere in the world has a climate that is totally stable. Whether it is summers and winters, or wet seasons and dry seasons, everywhere has some sort of seasonal variation. This has an impact on the growth of plants. Most animals and birds respond to these seasons by breeding in the good times (summers and wet seasons). “Good” in this sense involves both quantity and quality of food. During dry seasons and winter most plants are relatively dormant. As food sources they are poor – low in protein, minerals and vitamins. When the season improves they start to grow and the level of nutrients in them rises. This makes them much better food.
    One of the benefits of this system developed by pet care international is to help maintain your birds at the correct bodyweight.
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