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In most of the cases, the fore contender of clean and clear aquarium water are organic and nitrogenous wastes. Though these could be tackled by the usage of Beneficial Bacteria, such as those in OZPOLISH Bio-Cure (any variants for aquarium use), the challenge of maturity period till the bacteria establishes itself, still remains open. There are various ways to work on the situation. Shouldn’t it would be better to work on this before the start of nitrogen cycle and continue even after that? The answer could be yes, only when any noticeable advancement could be achieved. With the thought in mind the concept of adsorbent based filtration of aquarium water has been developed and being called as OZPOLISH Purity.


  • Fast clean the fish tank water
  • Removes Organic Wastes
  • Reduces Nitrogenous Wastes
  • Works in both freshwater and saltwater
  • Works within hours


Usage and Instruction:

Rinse with clean running water and place one of the mesh pads inside the filter media chamber. Each pad should be used for every 200 L of water. Replace the pads weekly. Regenerate the used pad with bleach and then treatment with OZPOLISH De Chlorine.

Regeneration Steps:

  • Step 1: Used pad to be kept dipped in a non-metallic, open container with 1:1 bleach (regular 8 % Sodium hypochlorite) solution for 24 hours. Scented or dyed bleach must not be used. Rinse the pad well with a clean and running tap water for 2-3 mins.
  • Step 2: It must be placed in another solution of a cup of water with 5 tablespoon of OZPOLISH De Chlorine. Rinse and wash the pad well after 8 hours. Place it back to the tank filter.

Regeneration Tips:

  • The regeneration steps explained is for one pad.
  • Keep the regeneration container away from children during the whole process.
  • Do not put it back to the tank if the bleach smell is noticed.
  • It is recommended to do a chlorine test before placing the pad back to tank. In case of presence of chlorine, repeat the Regeneration Step 2.
  • Do not use the pads if it has leftover organic wastes or slime/ smelly layer.
  • It is also recommended to apply OZPL:OSH De Stress (preferred) or OZPOLISH De Chlorine before placing the pad back to the filter. For this regular dose instructions should be followed.
  • Do not regenerate over six times.


Not to be used in tanks where medication or fertilizers are supplied externally. We advise due diligence at the time of recharging using bleach; by wearing a pair of disposable hand gloves, by keeping it away from children and pets, or by any other possible safety measures.


Store in cool, dry and dark place

Contains 2 synthetic adsorbent media pads of 50ml each. Net Weight: 100ml

*Made in India.

Happy Fishkeeping!! ’cause people would wonder why they can’t tank like you!

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OZPOLISH Objective:

There could be various reasons why usually fishes won’t survive longer in a captive enclosure like aquariums and artificial ponds. For sure, all the reasons are around doing something ‘Not correctly’. A newly bought fish could carry diseases to the primary tank. Water parameters could be yet another reason for unhappy fishes. This could also be due to presence of chlorine or any other contaminants in the water, or even due to the lack of essential minerals and salts. Studies have shown that the high BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) may alert the water chemistry or even may suffocate a fish. Unstable water parameters may cause algae invasion inside a tank.

With challenges in there, the OZPOLISH line of products could be simple known options to take-up or continue fishkeeping as the hobby. The objective is to keep as simple as following a set of instructions, so that even beginner can have an aquarium that looks like a professionally managed.

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