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OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard

OZPOLISH Bio-Cure HAS MORE THAN just nitrifying bacteria.

  1. OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Basic contains both nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria.
  2. OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard Standard has nitrifying, denitrifying, and organic waste-decomposing bacteria.
  3. OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance has nitrifying, denitrifying, and more organic wastes decomposing bacteria and enzymes.


OZPOLISH Bio-cure Standard

Nitrifying, Denitrifying bacteria with naturally active ammonia-binder, Organic Wasters decomposing bacteria and fish probiotic

OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard is a consortium of selected microbes and organic compounds that work together to keep aquarium water clean. These microbes not only participate in the faster decomposition of organic & nitrogenous wastes in an established tank but also help kick-start a new tank. A clean aquarium with no bad smell, makes the viewer see the tank again!


  • Helps in cycling a new tank
  • Restoring the microflora in a disturbed-cycle tank
  • Weekly usage helps in the faster decomposition of fish wastes and leftover food
  • Fights back against nasty and harmful disease-causing microbes
  • Improves general health, digestive system, immunity & color of fishes and other aquatic lives
  • Keeping tough habitats (like those of turtles) clean


OZPOLISH Bio-Cure was renamed to OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard. Bio cure Basic +Additional organic decomposing bacteria +Enzymes

  • OZPOLISH Bio-cure Standard contains 8 types of heterotrophic microbes, an organic compound in dry form to start nitrification, and an easily dissolving base compound. These microbes work together to biologically degrade the unconsumed food, fish waste, and other nitrogenous compounds such as ammonia, nitrite & nitrate. Also effective in a tough habitats like those of turtles. Reduces nitrogenous waste and supports extended gaps between water changes.
  • OZPOLISH Bio-cure Standard also has a non-microbial organic compound that helps in the earliest control of ammonia in a new tank, thus helping in accelerating the establishment of the nitrogen cycle in a newly set up aquarium. For better results, mix it (5mg every 3’*1’*1′ bottom) with bed substrate (gravel, sand, or soil in planted/ non-planted tanks) while setting up a new tank. Be aware that the biological method of cleaning water is slower than that of chemical methods.
  • OZPOLISH Bio-cure Standard helps in keeping the aquarium water clean, and healthy and eliminating bad odor. Results after a month of regular weekly treatments. When the colony of these good microbes is established they give tough competition to another nasty pathogen, thus also controlling the cause and spread of diseases among underwater life. Microbial contents are non-pathogenic, and using it along with any other (Non-OZpolish) chemical input or medicine may kill the beneficial micro-flora

If fishkeeping is your hobby, we can help you with 5 Keys to Successful Fishkeeping Husbandry.

  • Fishkeeping Key# 1. Kick-start a new fish tank: OZPOLISH Bio-cure Standard starts working immediately by reducing ammonia in aquarium water. No need to be an aquarium expert to pet fish now!
  • Fishkeeping Key# 2. A clean fish tank that smells good: OZPOLISH Bio-cure Standard has microbes that feed on fish wastes, sludge & other organic wastes and eliminate bad odor. Water is Clear as air, odor as the earth makes appreciate the tank!
  • Fishkeeping Key# 3. Ensure disease control in a fish tank: OZPOLISH Bio-cure Standard could control fish infectious (e.g. ich) and non-infectious (e.g. bloat) diseases. Disease control naturally is better than using chemicals!
  • Fishkeeping Key# 4. Low maintenance aquarium: OZPOLISH Bio-cure Standard When working effectively, bubbles from the aquarium bed may be noticed after a month of usage. This is harmless and indicates that the tank is getting “self-cleaned”, hence helping reduce water wastage. If the water is aged, use it along with OZPOLISH H2O. Let hard work be outsourced!
  • Fishkeeping Key# 5. Quality inputs for aquariums: OZPOLISH Bio-cure Standard has a high count (>3 billion cfu/mg) of dormant bacteria and has a longer shelf-life. Bacteria will be alive in the water. Quantity too could be counted for better quality!


OZPOLISH Bio-Cure: Feasibility Specifications

Ph These bacteria could best work at a pH range of 6.7-7.1
Temperature These bacteria could best work at a temperature range of 23-28 deg C
Saltwater No. Use OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance for saltwater.
Caution Do not use Malachite Green, Methylene Blue, other chemicals, drugs, antibiotics, chlorine, or any other toxicants that could kill beneficial bacteria. To suppress the impact of toxicants, it is recommended to use along with OZPOLISH De Chlorine or OZPOLISH De-Stress.


There could be various reasons why usually fishes won’t survive long in a captive enclosure like aquariums and artificial ponds. For sure, all the reasons are around doing something ‘Not correctly’. A newly bought fish could carry diseases to the primary tank. Water parameters could be yet another reason for unhappy fish. This could also be due to the presence of chlorine or any other contaminants in the water, or even due to the lack of essential minerals and salts. Studies have shown that the high BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) may alert the water chemistry or even may suffocate a fish. Unstable water parameters may cause algae invasion inside a tank.

With challenges in there, the OZPOLISH line of products could be a simple known option to take up or continue fishkeeping as a hobby. The objective is to keep as simple as following a set of instructions so that even beginners can have an aquarium that looks like a professionally managed one.

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