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Manufacturers of Nutrient Supplements for Freshwater Planted Aquarium

Aquatrition is one of India’s first brand which manufactures in-house the complete range of nutrients/fertilizers for freshwater planted aquarium with the aim to make hobby of planted aquarium easy to maintain and affordable for everyone.

Their products are delicately crafted to achieve the delicate sense of balance that exists between flora and fauna on a miniature scale; containing the right amount of basic nutrients along with addons to enhance the overall growth and color of water plants.

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AQUATRITION Essentials Liquid Carbon


Simple and least complicated carbon source for your aquatic plants

Nearly 45% of dry mass in aquatic plants is carbon and that’s why all of them need some kind of carbon source for survival. It is one of the most important nutrients in photosynthesis, which is used by plants to make their food. Regular dosing of Liquid Carbon also keeps algae under check and it is best during initial setup of planted aquarium where algae bloom is concern.

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Recommended Dose
Recommended Dose

Use 10mL of the solution per 60 liters of water initially or after major water change (more than 40%). Thereafter use 2mL per 60 liters of water daily.

For best results, use in combination with any of the Essentials or Enhancers by Aquatrition.

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