Australian Black Worms Fish Food – Best Food For Discuss Fish and Turtle – Available in 25 ,150 gm


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Best Food For Discuss Fish and Turtle

Australian Black Worms are grown on our farm in the North East of Victoria, Australia. The business is family owned and operated and has been serving our customers for more than 25 years. We love hearing from our customers and get a genuine thrill hearing about the improved growth, better breeding or enhanced colors that Australian Black Worms are renowned for.

We take pride in the high quality product we produce. The Australian Black Worms are grown, cleaned and processed entirely indoors (in troughs in large sheds – check out the videos on our site to get a better picture). This means that there is no potential for external pollutants (bird droppings, rats, etc) that many outdoor growers face.

Our water is single-pass (not recycled) mountain spring water resulting in an impeccable environment for our worms.

We specialise in live black worms and freeze dried black worms. The former, we supply throughout Australia and the latter throughout the world.

Black Worms are a Naturally Occuring aquatic worm that is commercially cultivated and then dried in a way which retains all their goodness. Black Worms are an excellent, natural, high protein food for tropical fish and turtles. It is an excellent food for Finiky eaters and also for conditioning fish for breeding.


You may feed your fish several times a day, but only as much as they can eat in 5 minutes.

Nutrition Facts (Dry Weight Basis):

Crude Protein: 66.35%

Crude Fat : 13.87%

Crude Fiber : 0.24%

Moisture : 3%

Available Sizes: 25 GMS and 150 GMS





Feed this nutrition rich diet to little growing fishes to provide them a better health.

This dried food is suitable for all varieties of Tropical Fish, Gold Fish, Marine Fish & other variety of fish.

After feeding keep the pack sealed to protect the food from moisture and to avoid spoilage of food.

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