HIKARI Betta Bio-Gold Aquarium Pellet Fish Food For All Life Stages


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Hikari betta bio-gold has been developed after considerable research into the eating habits and nutritional requirements of bettas. This floating pellet has been carefully balanced to meet the nutritional needs of your pet. The inclusion of premium-select fish meal which provides a superior protein source, which helps enhances coloration, grape seed extract (polyphenol) which has been shown to reduce the impacts of aging and spirulina which naturally offers a high concentration of usable vitamins make this a daily diet perfectly suited for bettas and their high stress nature. Look for our other premium diets which your betta will also enjoy; micro waferstm, bio-pure frozen blood worms and bio- pure fd freeze dried blood worms. Developed, produced and packaged in our facilities so we can be assured you’ll always get the best.

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