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  • Turtles & tortoises are great pets. They’re cute and are easy to care for and manage most of the time.
  • The shell, which protects the tortoises & Turtle, is the most eye-catching part of their body. Therefore, Tortoises & Turtle enthusiasts pay much attention to making sure it looks nice and healthy. The shell consists of two parts – dorsal and ventral connected with the sterna.
  • The shell reflects their overall condition of them. Inappropriate diet, the deficiency of vitamins and minerals as well as kidney disorders may result in irreversible shell deformations. Several conditions should be met to ensure a healthy shell. Proper living conditions must be guaranteed (clean and spacious terrarium, proper humidity, temperature, and lighting) and a carefully balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D3 is provided. It is also recommended to oil the shell with Pet Care International Shell-Care (with caryophyllene oil) after each bath. The shell will remain glossy and healthy looking. Caryophyllus oil cares for the tortoise’s shell, removes impurities, and offers a refreshing effect. We also recommend Pet Care International’s Repti Vit & Repti Cal– as a vitamin-mineral-calcium supplement for your Tortoise & Turtle.
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