Turtle Cal Drop for Strong Shell & Provide Essential Calcium and Vitamins D3 to Turtle for Better Healthy Healthcare | Pack of 2


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  • Turtles are great pets. They’re cute and are easy to care for and manage most of the time. However, turtles are susceptible to a number of illnesses that make caring for them more difficult. One of these is Calcium Deficiency.
  • Consuming enough calcium is one of the most important things a turtle needs to do in order to stay healthy. Contrary to what you may think, captive turtles are usually the ones that suffer the most from a calcium deficiency as opposed to those in the wild, which generally manage to get enough calcium through their diet one way or another.
  • Basically: Turtles need calcium for their bones, shell as well as muscular function (and more). The vitamin D3 (which their body creates when they receive UV-B light) is needed for turtles to absorb the calcium they ingest.
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